Advanced Skin Support, Naturally.

ManukaRx 3k+ Advanced Derma Support Balm

An intensely rich, natural and restorative balm for dry, compromised, irritated and sensitive skin. Deeply hydrating and comforting, it creates a protective barrier to shield skin from everyday germs and irritants while keeping moisture locked in tight. The special 3k+ Leptospemum scoparium (manuka) oil formulation provides strong antibacterial protection and promotes healthy and luminous skin.

Minimise the downtime

Developed to minimise the downtime associated with aesthetic treatments, it works in synergy with the skin’s natural reparative process to visibly restore skin. Black seed oil and jojoba oil join forces to calm, moisturise and comfort and to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. Manuka and black seed oils protect even the most sensitive skin and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Prevent moisture loss

3k+ contains a combination of naturally derived waxes incorporating hydrogenated rhus verniciflua peel wax, rhus succedanea fruit wax, beeswax and ethyl hexyl palmitate. Unlike silicone-based products that can clog pores and cause breakouts, these organic and ultra-mild ingredients create a thin layer over skin to help prevent moisture loss and support a rapid recovery.